Allergies Manual

★Know metal materials that are not prone to allergies★

  • Everyone's constitution is different, and the factors that can cause allergic reactions are also different.
  • At present, there is no 100% anti-allergic material. The so-called anti-allergic materials are materials that will not cause allergic reactions to most people.
  • Generally speaking, sterling silver is the most basic anti-allergic material, and it is the material that people who are allergic to general jewelry can give priority to. It should be noted that silver jewelry is not completely anti-allergic! Some people's allergens are silver or K gold! Customers are advised to know what material is suitable for their physique before purchasing jewelry.

 925 silver is 92.5% silver plus 7.5% alloy, which is an internationally recognized sterling silver standard.

  • There will be a very small 925 on the top of the 925 silver needle. The silver needle is soft, so if you encounter a crooked one, you can gently dial it back to recover.
  • ⚠️Remember to be gentle so as not to break the silver needle due to excessive force
  • 925 silver will also be oxidized, it is normal if the jewelry changes color and black. The discoloration and blackening of jewelry is due to the chemical reaction between sulfur dioxide in the air and silver, and silver sulfide is formed on the surface. Silver sulfide does not fade, and the oxide layer can be removed by cleaning. Because the pH of each person's sweat is different, the degree of oxidation produced is also different.